Skip and Bypass Windows Media Player Initial Settings Wizard on First Run

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Apr 15, 2014


Problem: On first run, Media Player displays initial Settings screen forcing user to choose a setting before continuing.  This screen appears each time Media Player is ran.



This screen appears when Media Player is ran.  The user must choose "recommended Settings", or "custom Settings" prior to continuing.


Possible Resolution(s):

From the ProfileUnity Management Console choose the Registry applet and Click Add Registry Rule and then enter the following Values:



  • Filter: Set | Who will this apply to
  • Action: Add Value
  • Hive: HKEY_Local_Machine
  • Key: SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaPlayer
  • Type:  Reg_DWORD
  • Value: GroupPrivacyAcceptance
  • Data: 00000001

Description: Prevent Media Player first run settings from appearing.  Allows user to choose a setting once and ProU captures that setting so they do not have to be asked again.




Click Save. Click on Update.  Download your configuration and replace it with the one on your \\\netlogon\ProfileUnity folder.  Once replication occurs test by having a vdi client part of the ProfileUnity Security Group log on, run media player, make the initial settings, close media player, log off and log back on.  Media Player should now play without the initial settings screen appearing.


Note:  If you are running Windows 7N version you must first download windows Media Player and install it on the base image.  Use this link for downloading the Microsoft Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N:


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