Enabling Google Chrome for UIA


Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.7 Update 2 (FlexApp Packaging Console 1.2)

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: April  22, 2014


ProfileUnity UIA has exclusions so that Google Chrome will NOT be captured by UIA.  In order to successfully capture Google Chrome, a few modifications need to be made to the default configuration of ProfileUnity.


Modifications (All are required)


1.  Modify the lwl_userapp.xml located by default at \\<yourdomain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity\ (You will need to extract the file, modify the file, rezip and overwrite the existing zip file.) by removing bold highlighted lines and adding the underlined text line below:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<configuration version="1.0">

                <!-- valid log levels are emergency=0, alert=1, critical=2, error warning -->

                <!-- notice, informational, and debug, -->

                <log path="%temp%" level="debug" />

                <!-- these are the heuristic definitions for trigger -->

                <!-- if any rule matches we won't capture -->


                                <installer path="wuauclt.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="CompMgmtLauncher.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="diskpart.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="dinotify.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="winsat.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="webex" capture="1" />

                                <installer path="helper.exe" capture="0" />

                                     <installer path="GoogleChromeStandAloneEnterprise.msi" capture="1" />

                                <installer path="googleupdate.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="googleupdatesetup.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="googlecrashhandler.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="googlecrashhandler64.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="chrome_installer.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="msconfig.exe" capture="0" />

                                <installer path="gpupdate.exe" capture="0" />



(xml file continues, but is not displayed)


Note 1 The GoogleChromeStandAloneEnterprise line is added so that Domain Admins can install Chrome as a UIA.  The regular Google Chrome download for users will not work. 

Note 2: To block specific users from installing "Google" applications including Google Chrome, create an Elevation Deny rule for Google and apply to any user group (filter). This is example how to block UIA capture of any "Google" application:



Place the deny rule above the allow rules

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