DIA application does not create a shortcut on the desktop

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Updated: September 30, 2014


DIA application does not create a shortcut on the desktop



DIA package is created an the application is available; however, the shortcut on the desktop is not created and it can not be forced in the Profile Unity web interface.


Possible Resolution(s):


1. Create a shortcut in Windows and copy it to the server share

In this example, the shortcut's directories and the file was created manually to resemble the software's direct path of execution.

Windows GUI does not allow creating fake shortcuts unless the folder structure exists. Therefore, please make sure to create both the folders and the files before attempting to create a shortcut.

Once created, the shortcut can be moved over to a share the user's will copy the shortcut from.



2. Create a "shortcut.cmd" file and include the below code (change the sever path to match your environment's settings)

xcopy "\\server\path\shortcut.lnk" "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\" /d /y /r /k


NOTE: This command will copy the shortcut from your network location to the Desktop of a given user.


3. In order for the application to show an icon's image the above script needs to run after the package is presented. The image will only show up if the application is first present in the system; otherwise a white icon will be generated.


A process of adding a script after package activation is shown here. Please make sure to use the script created in point 2.


NOTE: Please make sure to test the script first. If the script can not execute manually it will not execute properly after the DIA package execution.


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