Citrix XenDesktop Connection Windows Appear and Disappear, or Remain On The Screen in a Gray Box

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: Any

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 10, 2014



After installing ProfileUnity on the base image and updating the XenDesktop catalog, when launching an ICA session from the Web Interface, the desktop window appears and then immediately disappears, or a gray screen appears and the session does not start.


Possible Resolution:

Check to see if the Citrix Profile Management service is running on the image. If the service is installed and enabled, XenDesktop windows may not launch when ProfileUnity is installed.

1. If available, revert to a base image without ProfileUnity installed. Otherwise, log into your base image and run the uninstall.vbs script in the NETLOGON\ProfileUnity directory to remove ProfileUnity.

2. Check Control Panel->Programs and Features to see if there is a Citrix Profile Management entry, If so, remove it from there.

3. If there is no entry in Programs and Features, open Services. Stop the Citrix Profile Management service and disable it:


4. Take a snapshot of the base image in your hypervisor and update the catalog in Desktop Studio.

5. Try to connect to XenDesktop again. If that is successful, you can log in to the base image again, install the ProfileUnity client, and continue testing.

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