Incomplete ProfileUnity client install.

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: December 2, 2014



After upgrade to the new 6.x client the portability is not restoring/saving do to incomplete ProfileUnity installation.

Startup.vbs is configured in GPO


Any of the symptoms on this list might manifest incomplete ProfileUnity client install:

  • Startup.vbs was used to install the client on base image or using GPO.
  • Error: 7z64.dll does not exist
  • client_PortabilitySettings_ log in %temp%\ProfileUnity is showing this error message:

"Can not load 7-zip library or internal COM error! Message: can not change the library path because the file "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Client.NET\7z64.dll" does not exist."

  • no 7z dll files are found in "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Client.NET" directory.
  • Portability is not restoring or not saving after logoff.
  • No portability logs in %temp%\ProfileUnity directory
  • Missing C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Client.Net directory
  • Missing C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\FlexApp directory
  • Incomplete client install missing files in "Client.Net" or "FlexApp" directories:
  • Portability is not updating during logoff. 

Incomplete "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Client.Net" directory:


Incomplete "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\FlexApp" Directory:




Possible Resolution(s):

ProfileUnity Client is not completely installed.

Option A) Modify ProfileUnity GPO to use .exe versus .vbs

If GPO is used to install the client and the GPO is pointing to "startup.vbs" than change needs to be done and point the GPO to "LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe"

Edit the ProfileUnity GPO, Startup Script:

    • Script Name: \\<\netlogon\ProfileUnity\LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe
    • Script Parameters: <Empty>



Option B) - ProfileUnity is installed on gold image, (master image) or PU client its installed on Physical (Persistent) Desktop

Step 1) Uninstall ProfileUnity client.

Open elevated cmd prompt 

Run this executable:

"\\<\netlogon\ProfileUnity\LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe /uninstall"

Step 2) Install ProfileUnity client.

In elevated cmd prompt 

Run this executable:



Run this exacutable as Administrator: "\\<\netlogon\ProfileUnity\LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe"


To check if your version of ProfileUnity is up to date go here: ProfileUnity Version Matrix.

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