During logon ProfileUnity hangs on "Initializing" screen

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.x - 6.7.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: August 4, 2013



During logon "Initializing" screen hangs for extended period of time




Possible Resolution(s):

During "Initializing" when PU client just starts to run,

Step 1) ProfileUnity is looking for profileunity.lic and reading "ProfileUnity" security group name from that file where all ProfileUnity users are located. 

Step 2) Than reading a security group checking nested groups by using ldap distinguished path for the group.

If profileunity.lic has "Distinguished" name inside the file, and the "Initializing" screen takes a long time:


Option 1) Please change the group name to a "short name" inside your profileunity.lic file (located in ...netlogon\profileunity)

 Example:  "ProfileUnity"

Note: As this can affect all users who are logging in to desktops with ProfileUnity please do this change after hours and

1) Backup original profileunity.lic  file so it could be quickly restored

2) Test and verify that ProfileUnity is reading the configuration after making those changes.

3) Test and make sure that all users in nested groups are getting their ProfileUnity configuration. 

4) If this is a persistent issue with single computer, attempt to uninstall and reinstall PU client files. 


Option 2) Move "ProfileUnity" security group object to higher location in AD structure.


Option 3) Remove nested groups from "ProfileUnity" security group and just add user's.

Note: If this continues to take tool long please open a case with ProfileUnity support.

Option 4) If ProfileUnity exits after "Initializing" screen it might be necessary to replace back "Security group" inside profileunity.lic with distinguished name of the security group as it was previously done. 



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