How to create a Local Application Data portability

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 5.5 or newer

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: May 2, 2017


Problem: Local Application Data Portability rule does not exist by default. A need has arisen to create one.


Symptoms: It is necessary to implement portability for Local Application Data, however, no Local Application Data portability rule exists in the ProfileUnity Console.


Possible Resolution(s)

Step A) Create Local Application Data Portability Ruleset

Step B) Create Local Application Data Portability Rule


Step A) Create Local Application Data Portability Ruleset:

1.  Log in to your ProfileUnity console, and Select "Portability Management" from the left hand column


2. Click Create to Create a new Portability Rule



3.  Give the Rule a name of "LocalAppData", Enter comments to describe the rule. Then in the FileSystem Rules, select "Merge" and pull down the Folder Selection pull down to select Local Application Data and click "Add" then click "Save"




You should now be able to click into your active configuration and create a Local Application Data portability rule.


Step B) Create Local Application Data Portability Rule:

1) Edit your Configuration.

2) Go to "Portability Settings" Module.

3) Copy old rule (any rule) and modify following settings after selecting "Advanced" Tab - Bottom:

  • Filter: (Same as other portability rules)
  • Ruleset: LocalAppData
  • Path: (Same as as other portability rules)
  • UID: LocalAData
    • (This will create files with LocalAData name)

Save, the setting.

Update the Configuration

Download the ini and replace old ini with new version.




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