Using IE 10/11 on in XenApp Hosted Desktop Sessions

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: Observed on 6.0

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: September 25. 2015



Internet Explorer instances randomly close when multiple users are logged into a XenApp server with Profile Unity installed.



Internet Explorer sessions disappear with no crash message in Event Viewer. Crashes happen when other users log off.



This occurs when using a template modified from the templates used for virtual desktops, such as 'Windows 7, New Non-Persistent VDI Deployment w/ FlexApp and ProfileDisk'. The templates intended for use with virtual desktops contain the four following rules in the User Defined Script session. The top three scripts stop three services that are needed in order to import Internet Explorer history information.


To resolve this, click the edit icon next to each of the top three rules. Add the /FI switch to each of them so the taskkill operation will terminate only the processes that are run by that individual user.

For example, change

taskkill.exe /F /im iexplore.exe


taskkill.exe /F /FI "USERNAME eq %username%" /IM iexplore.exe

The other two entries are as follows:

taskkill.exe /F /FI "USERNAME eq %username%" /IM taskhost.exe
taskkill.exe /F /FI "USERNAME eq %username%" /IM dllhost.exe

The change will take place the next time all users log out and back in. 

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