ThinApp is still present even after removing user from ThinApp user group.

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: May 7, 2014



Thin app should not be installing after user is removed from ThinApp security group (ThinApp Filter) The thinapp will not uninstall. 



I created a filter to assign a ThinApp based on AD group membership. I also created a ThinApp rule to specify the specific filter and ThinApp package. When I add the AD user to the specific group and log into my desktop pool, my ThinApp appears successfully. After I log off, I removed the same user from the group and log in again. The ThinApp is still there. How can I configure it so that when I remove users from a group that the ThinApp will remove along with the change?


Possible Resolution(s):

Open ProfileUnity console, edit configuration to go ThinApp module then edit the ThinApp rule which is instaling this particular application.

Make sure following options are selected properly:

Remove When Out of Scope (selected)

Run from network (unselected)

Run from local cache (selected) 

Now when when the user is removed from the AD group, the icon for the ThinApp changes and when it is launched it, should show that the application is no longer available and prompt with option to remove the shortcut from the desktop.

Note: Another option would be to remove this exclusion from Application Data Portability ruleset: "Exclude Application Data 'Thinstall\UnRegister'"

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