ProfileUnity 6.0 on Citrix XenApp and some VMware View environmments does not execute

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.0

Expires on:365 days from publish date

Updated: July 23, 2014


ProfileUnity 6.0 does not run on Citrix XenApp server.



When logging into a Citrix XenApp server, the ProfileUnity Spalsh screen launches and closes. Configuration does not execute as expected.


Possible Resolution(s)

The FlexApp UIA service needs to be modified to ignore client.exe on launch

1. From the \\server\netlogon\ProfileUnity (or the share you have the ProfileUnity client delivered from) copy the file to your folder on your local desktop.


2. Open/extract the file lwl_userapp.xml from the archive.

3. Open the file lwl_userapp.xml in a text editor and add the following line under the <filters> section of the file

<filter type="subprocess" path="client.exe" />


Example Filters Section

             <filter type="subprocess" path="systempropertiesadvanced" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="jusched" />
             <filter type="subprocess" path="unregmp2" />
             <filter type="subprocess" path="updater" />
             <filter type="subprocess" path="icacls" />
             <filter type="subprocess" path="ngen" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="splwow64" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="lwl_tray" />
                <filter type="subprocess" path="LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Logoff.exe" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="userinit.exe" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="ctxinit.exe" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="refresh.exe" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="dllhost.exe" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="msiexec_monitor" filterchildren="0" />
          <filter type="subprocess" path="client.exe" />

4. Save the file and place back into the archive overwriting the existing file in the archive.

5. Place the back in \\server\netlogon\ProfileUnity (or the share you have the ProfileUnity client delivered from) overwritng the existing

6. Edit the file flexapp.vbs located in the \\server\netlogon\ProfileUnity (or the share you have the ProfileUnity client delivered from) changing the following line from FlexApp_Version="6.0.421-2014-07-13_22-07-42" to FlexApp_Version="6.0.422-2014-07-13_22-07-42"


Dim FlexApp_Version, FlexApp_Root, FlexApp_NetPath, FlexApp_ZipPath
FlexApp_Root=ExpandEnvironmentVars("%programfiles%") & "\ProfileUnity\FlexApp"
FlexApp_ZipPath=Replace(FlexApp_NetPath, "vbs", "zip")

7. Save the file flexapp.vbs back to \\server\netlogon\ProfileUnity (or the share you have the ProfileUnity client delivered from).

8. Reboot the XenApp server to pickup the updated flexapp.vbs and FlexApp package.


This issue is fixed in ProfileUnity 6.0 Update 1

Version Matrix: What is my version of ProfileUnity? - Version Matrix




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