How to setup custom ProfileUnity Temp directory

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 14, 2018



I would like to set custom temporary directory, normally by default its %temp%\unttmp2


This directory holds temporary ProfileUnity files during portability execution. This directory usually needs to be excluded from Virus Scanning Software to decrease logon time. Or another issues that could be stopping logon/logoff from executing. 

Possible Resolution(s):

The "Temp" path can only be set by GPO

Step 1) Configure Properly GPO - Add Computer Configuration Administrative Template

(Skip to step 8 if Admin template is in place)

  1. Logon to Domain controller and Open Group Policy Management
  2. Edit "ProfileUnity" GPO
  3. Expand Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative Template, (Add/Remove Templates)
  4. Template.png
  5. Add, Browse to ..netlogon\profileunity directory and select. "ProfileUnity.adm" > Open
  6. template2.png
  7. Close
  8. Browse to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates > Liquidware Labs > ProfileUnity > 32 Bit AND 64 Bit
    • Note. If "Liquidware Labs" Template is not visible, go to "Action" and un-select "Filter On" 
  9. Enable and specify Temp path here:
  10. template.png
  11. Specify path Example: C:\PUTemp
  12. Do this for "64 Bit" and "32 Bit" location.
  13. Close Group Policy Management Editor
  14. Desktops need to refresh/restart to receive new Computer Configuration GPO.

Note: The Temp path does not need any special user permissions, just default Administrator permissions to that location will be efficient. 

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