Reg Keys for ProfileDisk not removed when nodes.xml removed from ini path

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: November 9, 2015



ProfileDisk Reg Keys Not Removed When Nodes.xml Is Removed from Netlogon. 



On non-persistent systems with client installed on the base image, ProfileDisk mount path and settings still get applied even after nodes.xml is removed from Netlogon path. On persistent systems, even after removing nodes.xml, ProfileDisk settings still keep applying at system restart.


Possible Resolution(s):

If your enabling and disabling ProfileDisk you will have to run \\\netlogon\ProfileUnity\lwl.profileunity.client.startup.exe /uninstall  (replacing with your Active Directory Domain) to remove ProfileDisk completely from an OS. Then reboot the machine. This will remove the reg keys applied. Nodes.xml is read from the startup.exe installer, as a result, if nodes.xml exists when startup is run, these reg keys get installed on all systems provisioned from the base image.


Once the machine reboots, the client will reinstall correctly if lwl.profileunity.client.startup.exe is defined in your Active Directory Startup GPO for ProfileUnity. Other wise, you will need to log on to the machine, and manually execute \\\netlogon\ProfileUnity\lwl.profileunity.client.startup.exe  (replacing with your Active Directory Domain).









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