List of features that can be disable with a "DisableFeature" registry value.

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: August 1, 2019


The following list of features can be disabled with a "DisableFeature" registry rule in ProfileUnity registry module in 6.5.

This can help for troubleshooting or as a workaround in some cases

Please contact Liquidware support with any questions.


1. Log in to the ProfileUnity management console and create a registry rule using the "Registry" module.

2. Create a REG_SZ (32-bit) named "DisableFeature" under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity

The following Values and a corresponding description of the value is shown below (NOTE: the description should not be included in a key creation only the number)

Section A) These can be added to the registry section in ProfileUnity GPO or run as part of the normal login (Registry Module) as part of ProfileUnity configuration .

Values and corresponding descriptions:

  • 1      Refresh Visual Style (PUPThemes)
  • 2      Client.NET Portability
  • 4      Print Spooler Restart
  • 8      Client.NET Registry
  • 16     Client.NET Drive Mapping
  • 32     Client.NET Environment Variables
  • 64     Redirected Environment Variables (%appdata% and %localappdata%)
  • 128    Client.NET Elevation
  • 256    Client.NET FlexApp UIA
  • 512    Client.NET FlexApp DIA
  • 1024   Client.NET Virtual Disk  
  • 2048   Client.NET Profile Cleanup
  • 4096   Client.NET User Defined Aliases
  • 8192   Client.NET Application Launcher
  • 16384  User Installed Fonts
  • 65536  Client.NET Registry Local Backup
  • 1048576 Client.NET Administrative Template Module
  • 131072 Refresh Pinned Items
  • 262144 Disable Refresh.exe SetIconMetrics and SetNonClientMetrics
  • 68719476736 Disable PowerShell local token lookup and revert back to using LDAP - 6.7.5+ only


  • Key: Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity
  • Type: REG_SZ
  • Value: DisableFeature
  • Data: 1

Section B) Following modules must be added with ProfileUnity GPO:

  • 32768  Client.NET Printers
  • 524288 Client.NET File Association Module
  • 134217728 Client.NET Desktop Shortcuts (SEE NOTE BELOW)
  • 1073741824 Client.NET Office Options
  • 2147483648 Client.NET Office File Locations
  • 4294967296 Client.NET MAPI Profiles
  • 8589934592 Client.NET Inventory
  • 17179869184 Client.NET Internet Explorer
  • 34359738368 Client.NET Internet Proxy
  • 68719476736 - Disable Token Cache Group Lookup
  • 274877906944 Disable .Net Folder Redirection revert back to the previous method

Add the registry key (From list above) in ProfileUnity Group Policy using "Group Policy Management". (User Configuration>Preferences>Windows Settings>Registry)

 Example how to disable .Net MAPI Module:

  • Action: Create
  • Key Path: Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity
  • Value name: DisableFeature
  • Value type: REG_SZ
  • Value data: 4294967296
  • Base: Decimal (Optional)


When disabling multiple items:

In order to disable multiple items, add the feature numbers. The sum will be used as the registry data.

For example, when disabling "Refresh" is 1 and "Printers" is 32768, your number for DisableFeature would be 32769 (32768+1)

Note: If disabling the Client.NET Desktop Shortcuts Module in ProfileUnity 6.8.0 and higher, the module will be disabled completely and NOT revert to the previous KiX scripting method. This will render the Shortcuts Module non-functional, so it is not recommended. If using ProfileUnity 6.8.0 and above, do not use this "Client.NET Desktop Shortcuts Module DisableFeature" value.

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