List of features that can be disable with a "DisableFeature" registry in ProfileUnity registry module.

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: April 17, 2018



The following list of features can be disabled with a "DisableFeature" registry rule in ProfileUnity registry module in 6.5.

This is only for troubleshooting or to address an issue/defect.

Please contact Liquidware support with any questions.



1. Log in to the ProfileUnity management console and create a registry rule using the "Registry" module.

2. Create a REG_SZ (32-bit) named "DisableFeature" under

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity

The following Values and a corresponding description of the value is shown below (NOTE: the description should not be included in a key creation only the number)


Values and corresponding descriptions:


  • 1      Refresh Visual Style (PUPThemes)
  • 2      Client.NET Portability
  • 4      Print Spooler Restart
  • 8      Client.NET Registry
  • 16     Client.NET Drive Mapping
  • 32     Client.NET Environment Variables
  • 64     Redirected Environment Variables (%appdata% and %localappdata%)
  • 128    Client.NET Elevation
  • 256    Client.NET FlexApp UIA
  • 512    Client.NET FlexApp DIA
  • 1024   Client.NET Virtual Disk  
  • 2048   Client.NET Profile Cleanup
  • 4096   Client.NET User Defined Aliases
  • 8192   Client.NET Application Launcher
  • 16384  User Installed Fonts
  • 32768  Client.NET Printers  (*** This MUST be set BEFORE client runs, i.e., user GPO***)
  • 65536  Client.NET Registry Local Backup
  • 1048576 Client.NET Administrative Template Module
  • 131072 Refresh Pinned Items
  • 262144 Disable Refresh.exe SetIconMetrics and SetNonClientMetrics
  • 524288 Client.NET File Association Module  (*** This MUST be set BEFORE client runs, i.e., user GPO***)
  • 134217728 Client.NET Desktop Shortcuts
  • 68719476736 Disable PowerShell local token lookup and revert back to using LDAP - 6.7.5+ only


  • Key: Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity
  • Type: REG_SZ
  • Value: DisableFeature
  • Data: 1


NOTE: In order to disable multiple items, add the feature numbers. The sum will be used as the registry data.

For example, if Refresh is 1 and Printers is 32768, your number would be 32769 (32768+1)

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