ProfileUnity 6.5 - How to migrate from Portability to ProfileDisk

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Oct 6, 2015



I am using folder portability to save my user's profile settings. How do I migrate users without any impact on the users.



I would like to move my user's to ProfileDisk (VMDK or VHD) from portability.


Possible Resolution(s):


Step 1) Edit configuration and go to "Portability Settings" edit each rule. 

Select: Restore Only Once

Do NOT make this change to rules which are saving data from/to outside local user's profile! Example: C:\Program Files, C:\Folder

Step 2) Enable and configure ProfileDisk, download nodes.xml, download configuration.ini, refresh desktops!

Step 3) Login to desktop, all portability files/registry is now restored and saved to profile disk.

Note: Portability folder now have extra ini files each is a marker that this portability was restored once.

This configuration will restore only once (to optimize next logon time)  the portability to the ProfileDisk.

Those settings set above will continue to update files in "Portability" folder after every logoff as a backup. The portability saving rules can be paused at will.


Note: After first logon to the desktop users might get phantom E:\ drive (inaccessible) this is a side effect from restoring 3rd Party Application ruleset.

To disable this drive from appearing please follow this KB: ProfileDisk And/Or User Data Disks Are Assigned An Unspecified Drive Letter


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