Maximum Command Length Exceeded! error at startup


Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Oct 14, 2015



Maximum Command Length Exceeded! error at startup





Possible Resolution(s):


 Please open your GPO manager follow the below instructions.

1. If the INI file path is the same as the license file path, please make sure your "License Path" state is set to "Not Configured" like in the below example. That will shorten the CLI and it should allow ProfileUnity to execute the INI.

It is possible to remove the license file path because ProfileUnity assumes the LIC is in the INI path if the LIC path is notset.



2. In some cases it might be necessary to shorten the name if the INI file and the license file path (if used).

Note: In persistent machines, if the .INI file path was previously configured, you may need to set the License Path to 'Disabled' in order to clear out the registry key on the client. 'Not Configured' will not change the registry key on the endpoint if it is persistent.

3. If you do configure License Path and INI File Path under startup Configuration Path verify that the ini and the license is there. 

4. On persistent machine, It may require to do profile cleanup to remove this message after making changes in GPO.

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