How To Troubleshoot Issues With The ThinApp Module

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: Any

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Updated: October 19, 2015



ThinApp application is correctly configured using the ThinApp section of the ProfileUnity Help Manual (PDF), but application does not correctly register using ThinApp.


Possible Resolution(s): 

To test:

Launch thinreg.exe from a command prompt using the switches specified.

For example, if the 'Re-create Shortcuts and Registry Keys' option is enabled, one would use the /r option and run the command line as follows:

"\\server\share\thinreg.exe" /r "\\server\apps\demoapp\demoapp.exe"

At this point, the application should register. The behavior of different applications may vary, but most applications will create desktop and/or Start menu shortcuts, file associations, and an entry in Programs and Features.

If this does not occur, there may be a problem with the package or the thinreg.exe executable. 


Further Information:

There are two specific instances where ProfileUnity may not be able to launch ThinApps. Reference the two KB articles below:

ThinApp is not playing back

Multiple thinreg.exe and cmd.exe in task bar after logon


Further information on ThinReg can be found on VMware's web site:

Application Registration with VMware® ThinApp™ (PDF)

Establishing File Type Associations with the thinreg.exe Utility

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