When Profile Disk is in use custom portability rule is not restoring files to location outside of user profile

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: March 4, 2016



I have a custom portability rule saving and restoring files from C:\app_name

The files are saving in app_name.systemdrive.7z but they are not restoring.



Profile Disk is in use

The files which are saved and restored are outside of local user profile. (C:\directory or C:\Program Files\Directory)


Possible Resolution(s):

Because to ProfileUnity Profile Disk appears like a persistent machine when ProfileUnity does manifest check, it matches the manifest on the local disk (profile disk) and than it fails to restore the file. This will be fixed (force restore flag) with future versions of ProfileUnity.  For now it needs a workaround to force restore the portability file each time user logs in to the desktop.


Step 1) Find files created in portability directory. It should be 2 files:




Step 2) Delete .manifest file from portability directory after each logoff:

Create "User Defined Script Rule"

Execute: After ProfileUnity at Logoff (Post-Logoff)

Type: Executable

File: %systemroot%\system32\cmd.exe /c del \\server\Profiles\%username%\Portability\app_uid.SystemDrive.7z.manifest

Save and Updated the config and d/l the ini to your netlogon\profileunity directory.

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