How to create ProfileUnity parallel environment with VMDK profile disks, on the DR site - vMware.

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: March, 10, 2016



How do I replicate/move/copy ProfileUnity enviroment including VMDK disk to my second VC on the DR site. 

This article is for 1 way replication turned on with ability to fail over to DR site.

All VM's are replicated to 2nd VC but are not visible in ProfileUnity console Flex DIsk management module.  


Possible Resolution:


  1. Install ProfileUnity console on the DR site, the same way you have configured it, on your production side.
  2. The (DR) ProfileUnity credentials will used to connect to your secondary (DR) VC. 
  3. In (DR) VC Import VM (FlexDiskHost-Udd-00) from database browser by selecting vmx file.
    • Note: Import more than one FlexDiskHost if new are created.
  4. Edit (each) "FlexDiskHost-Udd-00" Virtual Machine Properties and add following values:

Go to "Options" > " Advanced" 

Product Name: FLexDisk

Version: 1.0

Vendor: Liquidware Labs Inc. 

Vendor URL:



5. Import User Data Disks into ProfileUnity (console):

Note: This step (5) needs to be repeated (DR side) when new user's are added to the production side (new user data links are created)

a) FlexDisk Management


b) User Data Disk

c) Import


d) Import FlexDisk Host VM  (Chose your FlexDisk VM's to be added) - Repeat this step as needed



e) Add appropriate assignments (Same assignments as in your production ProfileUnity console)



f) Assign "Users And Grups" & "Pools" 


Close window.

g) When selected "Manage" There should be multiple "User Data Disk Links"



Example of 2 User Data Disk Links (2 Flex Disks created for 2 users):



The users logging in to the DR environment will get their disks assigned. 

Note: When new users are added to main "Production" enviroment, and new "User Data Disks Links" are created. The step (5, a-g) need to be repeated (PU on DR side) to keep the both environments in sync. 


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