Repoint CSmonitor and Connection servers to NEWLY installed ProfileUnity cluster from old ProfileUnity cluster

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: May 5, 2016



My old ProfileUnity cluster corrupted and I installed a new ProfileUnity cluster and re-imported my JSON files and FlexDisk appliances.

I then re-installed my CSMonitor on each connection server pointing to the new cluster.



However, even after restart my CSMonitor logs show that the service is still trying to communicate with the old cluster nodes.

The issue is a known issue with the connection string not being updated correctly in a protected portion of the registry


Possible Resolution(s)


Have to stop csmonitor service (and kill csmonitor.exe from task manager)

Edit csmonitor.exe.config and change

<setting name="MqConnectionString" serializeAs="String">


<setting name="MqConnectionString" serializeAs="String">

Where password is your prou_services password and node1FQDN is the FQDN of your first ProfileUnity console cluster, and the remaining are your additional ProfileUnity nodes ie:


Save csmonitor.exe.config and start CSMonitor service.


This will be fixed in a later release of ProfileUnity.

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