I have installed the CID Keys but don't see any data. What could be the problem?

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX         

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Updated:Aug 20, 2012


Problem: I have installed the CID Keys but I don't see any data. What could be the problem?


Symptoms: When viewing Machine Inventory your newly listed machine does not display.


Possible Resolution(s):


Here are a few reasons why the CID Keys are not sending data back:

  1. The CID Key may have an incorrect or invalid callback address. The Connector ID installer contains an activation certificate specific from the Hub it was downloaded from. Inside that activation certificate the Stratusphere™ Hub embeds its DNS name or IP Address to be used by the CID to call back. This address may not be set correctly before the Connecter ID installer was downloaded. To verify if it is the problem, check these two places:

  • Log into the Stratusphere™ Hub Console using ssconsole/sspassword credentials. Run "show system"command and verify the setting for "set system hub dns name" is correct and valid.
  • On the desktop, go to Control Panel,open Connector ID applet, and verify it has the same address seen above.


  1. If the two addresses match, skip to step 3 below. If you find the wrong address in either location you will have to use the     Stratusphere™     Hub Console command "set system hub DNS name" command to change this setting. Then use the "write" command to save the changes, and Stratusphere™ Hub will rebrand the CID installer with the new callback address. You then need to uninstall Connector ID from the existing machines first, and then install CID again using the new CID installer.
  • The CID Key may have a DNS name that is not resolving to the right IP Address of the Stratusphere™ Hub. Check the DNS name, and then make sure it resolves to the correct static IP Address of the Stratusphere™ Hub. Use"nslookup" or ping to see if you have the right IP Address resolution when using DNS.

  • The CID Key may not be able to call back to the Hub if there is a firewall that's blocking TCP/5501. Use a simple "telnet <hub.dns.ip.address>:5501"command to see if you have clear connection path back to the Stratusphere™ Hub.If you get a blank screen, then you have no firewall issues. Otherwise, if you see an error there may be a network connectivity issue. Contact your local system administrator and/or network administrator.
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