What's the difference between the Standard and Advanced Connector ID Key?

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Problem: What's the difference between the Standard and Advanced Connector ID Key?


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The Advanced CID Key can capture all the information that a Standard CID Key can collect – so from

a metrics collection perspective there is no difference in capabilities.


However,the Advanced CID Key also has a network component that gets installed into the network stack on the desktop. It implements our patented piece of software that embeds the identity of the user and machine into every network connection(SYN) packet that is initiated through the machine it's installed on. It is rarely or almost never used for assessments on physical desktops and is generally used in monitoring& diagnostic environments to track the user/machine's activity through the network in conjunction with the Network Station virtual appliance. We strongly recommend using the Standard version of the CID Key because it can be installed and uninstalled any number of times with no conflicts.Since the Advanced CID Key has a network components it might ask for a reboot on installation and could potentially cause conflicts with physical desktops/laptops that might have other software components in the network stack including VPNs, AVs, and firewalls. It should be tested in a lab scenario prior to pushing it out to your desktop population.

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