How do I increase storage capacity on the Stratusphere™ Hub on XenServer?

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Problem: How do I increase storage capacity on the Stratusphere™ Hub on XenServer?



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Here is the process to add storage to a Stratusphere™ Hub on XenServer:


  1. Shutdown the Stratusphere Hub.
  2. In the XenCenter Client, add a disk to the Hub by clicking on Storage for the Hub. Provide an appropriate name.
  3. Power ON the Stratusphere™ Hub.
  4. If using Stratusphere™ version 4.8.1then skip to step 5 below. If using a version prior to 4.8.1 then do the following:
  • Open the console on the Stratusphere™ Hub and login using the root/sspassword credentials.
  • Use VI Editor to edit the"addrive" file using the following command
  • vi /opt/tnt/bin/addrive
  • Go to the line with DISK='ls -1/sys/block|egrep -v 'ram|md?|fd?|hd?', and using the x key, delete the string'|hd?' from end. Hit the ESC key then enter ':wq!' to save and exit the file editor. On the command line enter "exit" to log out of the root console.
  1. Log in to the Hub console using the default credentials ssconsole/sspassword.
  2. Type in "show disk" -- it may show 3 errors then show hdb, where hd is for the IDE and b is the next diskin line.
  3. Type in "add disk hdb" to add the disk to the appliance. The console will now show a bunch of commands initializing the disk, formatting it and copying data over to. At the end youshould get a "Done" message. If you get an error message, please renter the command and try again. If the problem persists please get in touch with Support.
  4. Type "exit" to leave the Hub console
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