How do you change the ssadmin password?

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX         

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Updated: Feb 15, 2012


Problem: How do you change the ssadmin password?


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***Liquidware Labsrecommends extreme caution when changing the ssadmin password. If the new

password is lost orforgotten there is no way to recover the ssadmin account resulting in loss of

access to the Stratusphere™ Hub UI. Liquidware Labs recommends creating a new user with the

desired password before changing the ssadmin password.***



To create a new user log into the

Stratusphere™Administration section of the UI. Navigate to the Inventory > Users tab and click on

the"New" button to create a new user. Enter the user name, set the desired password for account,

change the role to "Administrator", and select "Yes" to enable the user. Click on "Create User" button

to create this new user. Log out of the UI and test the new user and credentials and make sure you

have access to the UI. Once you have verified access, select "ssadmin"user from the Inventory >

Users tab and click on "Edit" button. Disable the "ssadmin" user by selecting the "No" option. Then

click on "Save changes" button. The ssadmin user will no longer be able to access the UI.

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