Using PsTools & FePsTools for distributing CID Keys

Liquidware Labs does not have a software distribution mechanism built into the Stratusphere™ product. Liquidware Labs Customer Support has used freeware and open source tools such as PsTools & FePsTools to distruibute the CID Keys. These can be freely downloaded and installed on a single local administrator desktop. PsTools is a list of executables for the Windows platform that perform a variety of operations. The FePsTools needs PsTools to be installed and you need to configure the tool to point to the folder that contains the PsTools executables. Liquidware Labs Customer Support will also provide batch files that will reference a shared folder with the EXE based installer – so make sure this folder (UNC) is also accessible. Once configured, run the FePsTools tool and make your screen look like the attachment. We have also created a sample list of computers that contains fully qualified names of machines that are targets for this software distribution exercise. You will need administrative credentials to install this software on the these desktops.

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