How do I import machine groups from a file/script

roduct: Stratusphere FIT/UX   

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Updated: Apr 2, 2012

Problem: How do I import machine groups from a file/script

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Here are the instructions on how to use the attached import script. Please read the entire article before proceeding. Also make you’ll need to WINSCP this script along with your CSV files ( Machines in AD that are exported to .CSV that are to be used for import) to /home/friend on the Hub. Then you should use PuTTY to SSH to the Stratusphere™ Hub.

1. Use friend/sspassword to login to the console.

2. Use su -/sspassword to switch to the root user.

3. cd /home/friend

4. chmod 755

Usage of the script:

For users: ./ –u –f <csv-filename>

For machines: ./ –m –f <csv-filename>

The content format for both CSV files is as follows (note that semi-colons separate the group names):

<member-name>,<group1-name>;<group2-name>; … <groupN-name>

You can run the script multiple times, if memberships are already assigned nothing will happen (so only new memberships will be picked up).

Make sure the machines are already registered with the Stratusphere™ Hub. Make sure the group names also exist as empty groups in the Stratusphere™ Hub. The script will not create new machines, or new groups. It will only assign existing machines to existing groups. Also, this CSV file should be created with the UNIX format (CR/LF). We recommend using Notepad++ 5.4.5 whereby you can create the file and convert to UNIX and then upload it to the Hub.

Also note in case of error during import you may need to  use IP to the database server on line 51 of the script.

Please refer to the following zip file for further detailed instructions.



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