Seeing spikes of CPU usage in vSphere Performance monitor that coincides with the Connector ID key call back time

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX         

Product Version:N/A

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Updated: Jun 11, 2013



Problem: Seeing spikes of CPU usage coincide with the Connector ID key call back time



Symptoms: When a new view pool is deployed all VMs are switched on around same time by VM View, this might cause all new vms to callback the around the same time



Possible Resolution(s):

 You could try the following but would have to distribute a new key to existing desktops or in base/recompose

Create a regword under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Liquidware Labs\ConnectorID\

Something like
RegDword= MaxStartupDelay value 120

This will randomize the initial callback to within a certain number of secs. If you want to have the initial call back be randomized w/in 2 mins - you would put 120 secs in there. For 5 mins, 300.

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