"Failed to Generate Report" error when generating reports in Stratusphere

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX
Product Version: 5.7 and later
Updated: Oct 3, 2017

You run a report in Stratusphere and once it completes you get an error that says "Failed to Generate Report"


In the event viewer you see something like this:

Execution of custom report 112. Assessment Findings failed: Report export failed.; nested exception is Errors running report: [ Cannot execute the statement. SQL statement does not return a ResultSet object. 
SQL error #1:ERROR: could not write block 736113 of temporary file: No space left on device 
Hint: Perhaps out of disk space?

But all partitions appear to have plenty of space available.

Possible Resolution(s):

During the generation of reports Stratusphere creates temp files for processing report data, and in large reports these files can be gigs in size. However the temp files get deleted when the report generation completes (even if it's unsuccessful) so it may look like you have more free space than is actually available. If this is what's happening in your environment you may need to double the disk size on your hub.

This is easy to do:

If you ARE using a separate DB virtual appliance:

1. Shutdown the HUB, then shutdown the DB

2. Edit the VM settings on the DB and grow disk 4 to be equal to that of disk 3

3. Take a snapshot of the DB VM

4. Power back on the DB, wait for it to stretch and reboot, then power back on HUB and wait for UI


If NOT using a separate DB virtual appliance:

1. Shut down your HUB

2. Edit the machine properties to double the size of disk 3 on the hub

3. Take a snapshot 

4. Boot it back up

It may take a little longer than usual to come back up because it will automatically expand the needed partition.  Once booted and UI is working, you can then delete the snapshot.

Then you can retry generating the report once more.

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