Can I give other users the right to create reports without granting them admin rights?

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: ALL
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Updated: July, 17th, 2013



Admin creates regular reports for various departments and would like to allow a user to print out the reports on their own.



User tries to generate reports and that option is greyed out on the interface.


Possible Resolution(s):

The answer is no. In Stratusphere There are two types of login accounts, users and administrators.  Users will only have access to the CID download page (connector ID Software), where Admin has the rights to everything as you would expect, the ability to create reports as well other data for different reporting.

If you grant a user admin rights they will be able to see everything an admin can see above and beyond the reports and the data for the reports you wish for the user to access.  This would be a security issue and therefore not a recommended practice.  Therefore there  is no option in between to allow some users admin rights to occasionally generate reports without handing full admin privileges to that user.

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