Cannot bypass IPv6 address in LWL menu

Product: Stratusphere Fit/UX

Product Version: 5.x or above

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: November 1, 2013


Cannot bypass IPv6 address in LWL menu


When comfiguring network in LWL menu, at option 11, IPv6 Address, it does not allow you to proceed without putting in an address.

Possible Resolution(s):

This issue may come up when you set the option 10, IPv6 Auto Config, to ‘no’, so option 11, IPv6 Address requires you to enter a static IPv6 address.  LWL menu current does not provide an option to disable IPv6 protocol, so if you are not using IPv6 in your environment, it is best to leave the option 10, IPv6 Auto Config, set to ‘yes’ (auto config).

If you are stuck at IPv6 Address, you can use Ctrl+D to escape to the previous menu.  Now you can perform guided network config again.

If you must disable IPv6 in your environment, you may perform guided config first to go through every network config options first, and when it returns to the prompt, enter ‘10’ to change IPv6 Auto Config to ‘no’ manually, then ‘write’ the config.

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