How to configure Stratusphere to forward system logs to syslog server or Splunk

If your environment has a syslog server or Splunk, you can configure Stratusphere to forward its logs to it.  The configuration is simple:


  1. Logon to Stratusphere appliance's console as friend, then switch to root (
  2. Make a backup of the syslog.conf file: cp /etc/rsyslog.conf /etc/rsyslog.conf.orig
  3. Run the following command to add your syslog or Splunk server address to syslog.conf.  Replace <syslog or Splunk server> with your Syslog or Splunk server address:
    • echo -e "\n# send to syslog server\n*.*\t@<syslog or Splunk server>" >> /etc/rsyslog.conf

  4. Run cat /etc/rsyslog.conf to confirm that the settings are correctly added to the bottom of the file.
  5. Restart the VM or run "service rsyslog restart" to restart syslog client on Stratusphere appliance.
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