Stratusphere 5.7.0 Performance Patch

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX      

Product Version: N/A

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: December 23, 2014



Stratusphere 5.7.0 Performance Patch



Stratusphere 5.7.0 may have poor performance when under high load.  The load average, memory usage, and the swap usage may appear very high on the Hub.


Possible Resolution(s):

  1. Logon to Stratusphere Hub's console as root ( ) or SSH in ( )
  2. Download the following performance patch:

    Online (if Stratusphere Hub has access to the Internet): 

    • Run command: wget -P /home/friend/

    Offline (if Stratusphere Hub does not have direct Internet access):

    • Download this file via web browser:
    • Upload it to Stratusphere Hub ( )
  3. Perform a checksum: md5sum /home/friend/updates.57.tar
    The result should match "aa9b116b1bc27b6116afb37ab78b8982".  If not, rm /home/friend/updates.57.tar and repeat step 2 again
  4. Create a temporary extraction directory and extract the package: 
    mkdir /tmp/57patch
    tar xvf /home/friend/updates.57.tar -C /tmp/57patch/
  5. Stop Stratusphere Hub backend services: sv stop tnt-backend tnt-backend-priv servicemix
  6. Install the patch: rpm -Uvh /tmp/57patch/*.rpm
  7. Start Stratusphere Hub backend services: sv start tnt-backend tnt-backend-priv servicemix
  8. Remove the patch and update files: rm -rf /tmp/57patch /home/friend/updates.57.tar
  9. Verify Stratusphere Hub's UI is working



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