Troubleshooting long query times for inspectors and reports

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: ALL

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Updated: Apr 16, 2015



Inspectors and reports take a long time to load.



CPU I/O wait is high on the database appliance: (example only to show the field, this system has next to no I/O wait)


Possible Resolution(s):

1. SSH to the database VA (or HUB if the DB isn't a separate VA) and login as friend/sspassword then run: su -


2. Execute the following command and look at the 'wa' value highlighted above: top

3. Run a report or load an inspector that you haven't recently looked at (so we know the data isn't coming from cache) and watch the 'wa' value in 'top'.

This value is the % of CPU time spent waiting on disk I/O.  The higher the number, the longer the database is waiting for I/O and the slower the reports and inspectors will be.  Anything under 10% isn't too bad but ideally this would be as low as possible.  If the value is too high, consider migrating the DB appliance to faster or less utilized storage and repeat the process to confirm the value does not climb as high on the new underlying storage.

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