How to mass-change NTP servers on all appliances

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX         

Product Version: N/A

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Updated: Oct 16, 2015


Problem:  Stratusphere appliances have been deployed and configured but the NTP servers need to be changed post-initial configuration on a lot of appliances.


The attached script package will facilitate the changing of NTP servers on all appliances registered to a given Stratusphere HUB.  You only need to know the IP/hostname of the HUB as well as the new NTP servers, all other appliance addresses are gathered from the database.  This script supports up to 2 NTP servers.

1. Upload attached ntp.tgz file to your Stratusphere HUB appliance using WinSCP as friend/sspassword to the first directory shown in WinSCP (/home/friend)

2. SSH to the HUB using Putty as friend/sspassword

Execute the following commands:

3. tar -zxvf ntp.tgz

4. cd ntp

5. su

6. ./ ntpserver1.domain.local ntpserver2.domain.local

This script requires all passwords (both friend and root) be the default sspassword and that all appliances, DB and Network Stations, are already joined to or registered with the HUB in question.

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