Required vCenter permissions for Stratusphere import

Here are the minimum permissions we need for vCenter import:

  1. Create a user account ‘stratusphere’ in Active Directory or the local vCenter Server.
  2. Create a new Role:
    1. In vCenter, from the top level menu options, select and navigate to View > Administration > Roles.
    2. Add a Role called ‘Stratusphere Import’.
    3. Enable the following Privileges:

                                                               i.      Global > Diagnostics

                                                             ii.      Global > Health

                                                           iii.      Performance > Modify intervals

  1. Click OK.
  2. vCenter1.jpg
  3. In vCenter, navigate to Home > Inventory > Hosts and Clusters.
    1. On the left tree, select the top level vCenter or the cluster you want to import within Stratusphere.
    2. On the right pane, select the Permission tab.
    3. Right-click and select Add Permissions option.
    4. Under the Users and Groups section on the left, click on the Add button to select the appropriate user account from the local vCenter Server or Active Directory.
    5. Under the Assigned Role section on the right, select the ‘Stratusphere Import’ option from the drop down.
    6. vCenter2.jpg
    7. Click OK.
    8. In the Stratusphere Web UI, you can now use this user account to import inventory and stats from vCenter.
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