Flex-IO fails to remove data store during uninstallation

Product: Flex-IO

Product Version: 1.0

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: December 30, 2013



Removal of Flex-IO datastore fails, I can't remove datastore from the host. The datastore is not accessible. 



Inactive Flex-IO datastore in Virtual Center's inventory


Possible Resolution(s):

Verify that your Flex-IO VM is already removed/powered down.

Verify that there are no orphaned or existing VM's on the "inactive" Flex-IO datastore


Step 1.

Reboot the host and try to remove the datastore again using Flex-IO administration page.

Note: When Step 1 fails, and Flex-IO datastore has orphaned replica VM tied to datastore, proceed to Step 2.


Step 2. 

  1. Remove the host from Virtual Center's inventory
  2. SSH to the ESX host (where Flex-IO VM was installed)
  3. Log in as "root"
  4. Run this command in the SSH console:
    • esxcli storage nfs remove –v <NFS datastore name>
  5. Exit "Putty" or other SSH client.
  6. Remove any orphaned VM's from the host directly before adding back the host to Virtual Center.
  7. Add the host back to Virtual Center.


Note: <NFS datastore name> is usually: "Flex-IO-Host_name_here"

Note: To SSH to ESX host is "Putty" found here.


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