ProfileUnity with FlexApp Documentation

Release Notes

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ProfileUnity Release Notes Review ProfileUnity product release notes to learn more about what's new, major bug fixes, known issues, system requirements, and upgrading.


Getting Started

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Preparing Before the Installation
ProfileUnity Quick Start and Evaluation Guide Get Started with our ProfileUnity Quick Start and Evaluation Guide for guidance on what you need to quickly get started and tips on how to use some of our most popular features.
Installing the Software
Using Cloud Storage with ProfileUnity For those utilizing cloud storage, read this guide to understand how to setup your cloud storage for use with ProfileUnity. Your cloud storage will need to be setup in order to complete ProfileUnity configuration steps in the Installation & Configuration Guide.
ProfileUnity Installation & Configuration Guide The ProfileUnity Installation & Configuration Guide covers system requirements, installation, and configuration of ProfileUnity.


Help Guides

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ProfileUnity Help Manual Please refer to our ProfileUnity Help Manual to learn how to use ProfileUnity to manage your desktop environment.
ProfileUnity TechBrief: Configuring Common Acces Card Authentication Guides you in configuring CAC authentication for access to the ProfileUnity Management Console.
ProfileUnity FlexApp Packaging Console Manual The ProfileUnity FlexApp Packaging Console Manual covers system requirements and installation of FlexApp along with packaging and updating applications.
ProfileUnity TechBrief: Using VHDs vs. VMDKs Provides a comparison chart to show which ProfileUnity features support VHDs and/or VMDKs.
ProfileUnity Upgrade Guide If you are using a version of ProfileUnity prior to 5.5.x, please follow the steps in the ProfileUnity Upgrade Guide to preserve your existing configuration data and import it into the newest version.
FlexApp TechBrief: Click-to-Layer for Published Apps Provides instructions for configuring FlexApp's Click-to-Layer feature for on-demand application layering with published applications in Citrix XenApp, VMware View RDSH, Microsoft RemoteApp, and Amazon AppStream environments.
FlexApp Packaging Console Guidance and Best Practices The FlexApp Packaging Console Guidance and Best Practices document is an extension of the FlexApp Packaging Console Manual, providing additional guidance around the overall application packaging workflow with respect to FlexApp.
Best Practices for Using FlexApp with Microsoft Office Provides information and guidance concerning the use of Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 suites, including Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio with FlexApp Layering Technology across both Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems.
Base Image Creation Best Practices The Base Image Creation Best Practices Guide provides a refresher of common techniques for base image creation.
Best Practices for Highly Secured Desktop Environments For military, federal agencies, and other customers managing secure user workspaces, we have assembled information and best practices on various ProfileUnity with FlexApp topics that tend to occur in highly secured desktop environments.
ProfileUnity TechBrief: Communcation Port Requirements Documents the interaction between modules and the ports being used for communication with ProfileUnity
ProfileUnity: One-Way Migration Best Practices Shows you how to configure filters, portability settings, and folder redirection to move users from one Windows OS version to another
Using ProfileUnity to Migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 Outlines how to configure ProfileUnity for migration and co-existence in Windows XP to Windows 7


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