ProfileUnity 5.7 was released (Speed, Speed and MORE Speed!!)

Today is a very exciting day, we just released ProU 5.7 and its speed improvements over the older product should really shine! Is your NOT running XP/2003 you can change your portability settings under main to "FASTER" (keeping legacy mode unchecked) and see some great things happen! Also, you should think about moving your printer connects to post login so as to not have your users waiting, each printer has an option to "Process Action After Login" (mapped drives have the same option as well). Along with the above, if your running FlexApp DIA the login will no longer be held up mounting VHD’s.

These enhancements and/or fixes were in direct response to improving performance and/or to address issues reported to us by our customers. For a list of issues fixed and to determine if any issues you’ve reported to us have been addressed, please refer to Product Release notes located at for further information.

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