Stratusphere 5.8.0 Released

Stratusphere 5.8.0 Released

Liquidware Labs recently made a number of feature additions and enhancements/fixes to Stratusphere solutions. Feature additions were made to the Advanced Inspectors, including a user login process breakdown/machine boot delay inspector, the addition of Internet Explorer browser visibility, GPU hardware consumption metrics, auto-recovery of user and machine CID Key licenses, as well as double-byte character support for international customers.


Enhancements and fixes were made in direct response to improving performance and/or to address issues reported to us by our customers. Please note that system-wide Stratusphere Hub and Database performance enhancements were also put in place with version 5.7.x of the appliances. If you have not installed a newly downloaded 5.7.x or newer version of the appliance, please do so now. More details on the update process, sizing appliances and data migration details can be found on the Stratusphere Support page at


Complete details of all feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the Stratusphere Release Notes, located at

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