Stratusphere on AWS might fail to upgrade

Product:  Stratusphere FIT/UX         

Product Version:  AWS 5.8.*

Updated: Dec 20, 2016


If your AWS Stratusphere instances don't seem to be upgrading properly, you can use this script to complete the upgrades via the console in a few short commands.

  1. Using WinSCP, connect to the HUB appliance as friend/sspassword and upload the attached sh script into the /home/friend directory
  2. Using Putty (so you can copy/paste) SSH to the HUB appliances as friend/sspassword
  3. Execute the following commands:

su -   (same sspassword when prompted)

chmod +x /home/friend/


The script will take some time to download the IMG file, install it and run the upgrades.  It will reboot once complete.  Ignore any errors as long as it still reboots, give the UI some time to come back up and you should now see the new version number on the bottom left.

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