Database migration fails in Stratusphere 5.8.x

Product: Stratusphere Fit/UX

Product Version: 5.8.1 and above

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 10, 2016


Problem: Database migration fails in Stratusphere 5.8.x



Copy DB from remote HUB/DB operation fails, returning error below:

ERROR - Exporting of Database portal failed


Getting table count from local Database

psql: FATAL: database "portal" does not exist

Table Count: 0

ERROR: Database counts do not match


Your database migration did not work correctly

/bin/lwl: line 97: pcont: command not found


Possible Resolution(s):

The failure is caused by the heightened SSL requirement in PostgreSQL.  To workaround this, we need to temporarily change SSL config and change it back afterward.

  1. On the destination Stratusphere appliance, login as root ( and run the following commands:

    grep ssl_ciphers /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/postgresql.conf   
      (verify that it returns "ssl_ciphers..." not "#ssl_ciphers..." with a pound sign)
    sed -i 's/ssl_ciphers/#ssl_ciphers/g' /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/postgresql.conf
    grep ssl_ciphers /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/postgresql.conf   
      (verify that it shows"#ssl_ciphers" now)
    /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.5 restart
  2. Continue with Copy DB from remote HUB/DB operation again

  3. Once the DB copy is complete, revert the SSL config:
    sed -i 's/#ssl_ciphers/ssl_ciphers/g' /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/postgresql.conf
    grep ssl_ciphers /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/postgresql.conf   
      (verify that it shows"ssl_ciphers" now)
    /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.5 restart


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