Adobe Acrobat Reader DC offline version installation error 1403

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.5.5+

Updated: October 5, 2016




Adobe Acrobat Reader DC offline version installation error 1403



Adobe throws the following error while playing the application (after reverting a snapshot on the packager). The users also get the following and several other error messages on their VMs.






The offline version of Adobe Reader is not up to date (10/5/2016). It appears that that version causes some issues while playing back the package. To avoid the errors, please follow the below steps.

Note: This issue has been found on Windows 7 32 bit VM, but it might apply to other versions of windows.


1. Download the offline installer again.

2. While packaging do not choose any installer location. Click Create.

3. Run your Offline installer as an admin.

4. Once the installation is completed do not close the package.

5. Open Adobe Acrobat and check for updates (see below)



6. Once updates are installed you will be asked to restart the desktop. DO NOT restart the desktop.

7. Close Adobe.

8. Finish the capture process.


Reverse your snapshot and try to run Adobe again. This time it should run without any errors.

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