How To Patch, Update ProfileUnity Elevation & Flexapp services - Hotfixes Only

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.5.x and above

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: July 12, 2018



How to patch/update the ProfileUnity Elevation & Flexapp Services after a general bug or security fix has been made.


Required Attachments:

Please use links provided for the following files





Once files are downloaded remove .renameme and rename to .zip


Tasks to complete based on how ProfileUnity is deployed in your environment:

  • Update client tools on ProfileUnity Server with new and files
  • Update client tools on netlogon and/or share with new and files
  • Update client tools on Non-Persistent parent image
  • Update client tools on persistent or physical endpoints with new and files


***If your client tools are below 6.7.7 only use the lwl_elevation_service.exe from***


See Matrix to determine your version: 



Update client tools on ProfileUnity Server with new elevation and flexapp zip files

  1. Download the new elevation and flexapp zip files. (Links included)
  2. On the server running ProfileUnity navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity
  3. Copy out the
  4. Extract the
  5. Extract the and from the to another folder.
  6. Replace the files in each zip file with the new ones downloaded from the links provided.
  7. Re-zip the full contents of the elevation and flexapp folders respectively that you extracted. Renaming back to and
  8. Replace the zip files in client-tools folder with the new re-zipped files overwriting the original zip files.


     9. Re-zip the entire contents of the client tools you extracted files back up as

     10. Before replacing one on UI, keep an original unadulterated version of as a backup.

These will be the new client tools that are deployed from the UI and/or downloaded manually for use on the netlogon or share where client tools run from.


Update client tools on netlogon and/or share with new file

1. Deploy client tools from UI under Administration>ProfileUnity Tools section.  Assuming this is set to correct path for share or netlogon.  Then your complete.


2. Download manually in same section > Download Client Tools.

3.  Extract contents locally

4. Copy and overwrite ones on netlogon or share (Advisable to make a copy of original files first).


Deploying the new Files to the correct endpoints

Update client tools on Non-Persistent parent image (Assumes above steps are complete)


1. Power on and log into your parent image.

2. Uninstall current version - Refer Too:

3. To Reinstall - Refer Too: 

4. Shut down parent and deploy via your normal hypervisor processes 


Update client tools on persistent or physical endpoints with new file

To push the elevation down to current persistent or physical endpoints

1.  Open the ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.Update.exe.config located in the ProfileUnity netlogon and/or share directory with Notepad.

2.  Find the setting name called “ElevationVersion” and “FlexAppVersion” increment the version number listed in the value field "5". 


3.  Save changes and exit Notepad.

The next time LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe runs as defined in the Computer GPO section for the OU where the machines are in AD, it should update the clients.   The version change should detect and update the files.  This typically happens when the machine reboots and re-runs computer based GPO's.

To confirm the new Elevation files are in place you can check the version of the lwl_elevation_service.exe in C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Elevation.  Right click and look at property>details.  It should be







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