How to turn off ProfileUnity's call to home function

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.7+

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Updated: Aug 23, 2018



How to turn off ProfileUnity's call to home function



By Default the ProfileUnity console, when connected to the internet, will send back certain data to Liquidware.  This information is private to Liquidware, not shared with other companies or vendors, and only used internally to help assist in making product improvements.


This data for example includes

  1. License count data for your organization 
  2. Configuration information (IE. How many separate configurations exist in console)
  3. FlexApp/FlexDisk Data (How many packages are being used &applications packaged)
    1. This is determined by whether the Admin for instance indicated a packaged app was working in their environment.flexapp.png


  1. Filter Counts (How many filters exist)
  2. Portability Counts (How many Portability settings are in play but not path data).


Possible Resolution(s)


You can remove participation in a couple ways.


1. Remove internet connectivity from the ProfileUnity console.


Remove option in the Mongo Database (requires a Mongo editor similar to Studio3T)  For the following example, Studio3T was used. 


1. Before making any modifications to the Mongo database, make sure to take a backup.  This can be done under Administration>Database section in UI.

Editing the database incorrectly can result in the ProfileUnity console from being accessible or easily recoverable. You should take adequate precautions before attempting. 

2. Create a connection in Studio3T to the mongo DB.  For this you will need to have the prou_services account password that was created during the install.  If you do not remember this password, contact Liquidware support for further assistance.

3. Similar to screenshots below.



Test your connection to make sure it works.


4.  Select to connect once test is completed.

5. Navigate to ProfileUnityDotNet>KeyValues similar to screenshot.  The Key value numeration maybe different than screenshot.  Your looking for key "global settings" and Value "ActiveDirectory".



6.  Select to edit the value in Studio3T. You should be able to right click the value and select "edit document".

7. Look for section labeled Remote>Enabled.  Change true to false.



8.  Save the edit and close down or disconnect Studio3T from Mongo.

9. Reboot the ProfileUnity server.
















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