How to Activate my new 6.8.x Console and ProfileUnity License

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.8.x

Expiration: 365 days from publishing

Updated: December 19, 2018



My ProfileUnity console is not activated. How do I request new license and activate my console. 



Step 1) Contact to receive new updated license with activation instructions. 

Step 2) Get "Activation Code" from your ProfileUnity Console:

Go to "Licensing"

Copy "Activation Code"


Note: For networks not connected to internet copy the Activation code to a .txt file and burn it to DVD and take it to location where internet access is available. The ProfileUnity console does not require internet access itself to activate license. 

Step 3) Once you receive your new license e-mail with license code go to:

Copy the: 

  • License Code (from e-mail) 
  • Activation Code (from console)

to appropriate fields in the activation page:


Step 4) When "Proceed" is selected you will be presented with long activation hash code. 

Note: For networks not connected to internet copy the Activation code hash to a .txt file and burn it to DVD and take it back to ProfileUnity server.

Step 5) Copy the long hash code and past it to this location in "Licensing" section of ProfileUnity console:

Select "Import" after pasting the License Text in to the License field of your ProfileUnity Console.

Step 6) After import please "Deploy Client Settings" from "Administration" or "Licensing" page:

Example Licensing Page:

Example Administration page:

This will download ClientSettings.xml to your Client Tools directory listed in "Deployment Path". ClientSettings.xml contains profiledisk information (replacing nodes.xml) and connection string which contains location and name of the licensing server (ProfieUnity Console). 

Run lwl.profileunity.client.startup.exe to install/update client with the new licensing information.

Note: ProfileUnity.lic is no longer needed (ProfileUnity 6.8+ )and can be deleted.  


ProfileUnity Clients will use port 5672 to connect to ProfileUnity console (Fabric broker).

If there are any problems with client machines contacting licensing server or desktops/users activating a license please send to support ( the "clientlicensingservice log" which is found in c:\windows\temp\profileunity. 


It is highly recommended to enable ProfileUnity for High-Availability of logon requests from ProfileUnity users. To accomplish this setup task please follow this KB:

Enabling High-Availability Mode In 6.8.X For Redundant Processing Of License Requests

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