Getting all Processes and Events for a User Login in Stratusphere

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: All

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Updated: Nov 30, 2018



Need to pull all Login Processes from Stratusphere

Possible resolution:

In the Stratusphere Web UI, Navigate to Stratusphere UX> Advanced Tab> Inspectors> Login


Then click on a Login Time to see the breakdown of that Login.  You may want to change the Date Range or Search for the Login Name beforehand to find the specific Login you are looking for.


After you click on the Login Time you want, click the X next to Filter Detail to remove the filter.  Also change the Table from Steps Overview to Events and Processes.


You should now have the all the events and processes for that particular login in your table.  Pay special attention to the Login Timeline, Duration and Details columns.  Look for gaps in the timeline, but remember things are running in parallel, so the sequence you see here is just when a process started. A 0 duration could mean process never ended during the login time frame.

You may choose to Export the table to excel and save to your computer.

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