My ProfileUnity license is used by users which are not using ProfileUnity

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.8.x

Expiration: 365 days from publishing

Updated: Nov 28, 2018



This would happen for any user who logs in to this machine even if the user is not running any ProfileUnity configuration.


When our GPO enable flag is set in the registry of the machine which has ProfileUnity client the license service on the machine will request a license from ProfileUnity console.

Every user who logs in to the machine which meets this criteria will use ProfileUnity license:

1) ProfileUnity client is installed

2) ProfileUnity User Logs in and Configuration GPO with "Enabled" flag is applied. 

    HKCU\Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity|Enable=1


To stop the license service from requesting licensing service the GPO "Enable" flag must not be set to "1"  this registry key needs to be missing or set to "0"

This could be accomplished two few different ways:

1) Not have ProfileUnity client installed on the Machine which is spending user license(s).

2) Modify your current ProfileUnity GPO.

Edit Security on the GPO

Go to "Scope" (Tab) "Security Filtering" and remove "Authenticated Users" and add security group of (Users) you want ProfileUnity license to apply to "ProfileUnity" Security Group for example and add computer group "Domain Computers"

Note: Adding "Domain Computers" (Optional) does not mean this GPO will apply to all Domain Computers it only allows Domain Computers to read this GPO which applies only to computers in the OU its linked to. It is possible to use different (Computer) security group. Without that computer security group the computer startup scrip will not run. If there is no need for computer startup script to run lwl.profileunity.client.startup.exe than adding this group is optional.  


Example after making changes:


Note: The user license will be released back to the pool of available licenses after 30 days. 

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