How to add all ProfileUnity and FlexApp dependencies into the AppStream PrewarmManifest

Product: ProfileUnity + Amazon AppStream

Product Version: 6.8.0 Only + AppStream 2.0 Agent 12-19-18 or Later

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

KB Version: 1.3.0
(Updated PrewarmManifest.txt)



The AppStream Image Assistant does not include within the initial streamed image all of the needed .NET and Windows system file dependencies used when ProfileUnity or FlexApp actually run.

***NOTE*** ProfileUnity 6.8.0 via this KB only supports scenarios in which the only apps being presented to the end users are Dynamic Apps.  This manifest will not include files needed by any manually published app specified in the first step of the Assistant and this may cause problems with those manually added apps!

If you want to manually publish apps AND use Dynamic Apps, you should wait for 6.8.1.  Otherwise you can open the attached PrewarmManifest.txt file and append the contents to the file already on disk in the Image Builder.  This will result in duplicate entries in the file, the side-effects of which are unknown.

Implementation Steps:

After you've installed the ProfileUnity Client Tools on your AppStream Image Builder instance, you will need to copy the Agents.json file linked at the bottom of this KB into the following location on your Image Builder instance BEFORE you launch the Image Assistant:  "C:\ProgramData\Amazon\AppStream\AppCatalogHelper\DynamicAppCatalog\Agents.json"

  1. Launch the Image Assistant and make sure the Enable dynamic applications is ON and click NextDo NOT click Add App, that list should stay empty!

  2. Click Next through step 2.

  3. Click Next through step 3.

  4. On step 4, you will click the Launch button and wait for the optimization to complete.

  5. On step 5, you will enter the image names and description, leave the Always use latest agent version ON and click Next.

  6. STOP on step 6 of the Assistant and DO NOT PROCEED YET!  You will need to have the attached PrewarmManifest.txt file copied up to the Image Builder instance's Desktop now.

  7. On the Image Builder instance, open Explorer and enter in the following path in the address bar: C:\ProgramData\Amazon\Photon\Prewarm  (Navigating won't work, both the Photon AND Prewarm folders are marked as System/Hidden.)

  8. Overwrite the existing PrewarmManifest.txt file with the one from this KB.

  9. Now you may proceed to finish the Image Assistant wizard by clicking Disconnect and Create Image.
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