Setting SMB Cache Mode file share permissions

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Product Version: 6.8

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Updated: Dec 6, 2018



How do I set proper permissions when using "Cache Blocks Locally" function in DIA


For SMB cache mode to work you need one of the following. This is because the block caching is done as system with our file system driver not as the user.

Option A)

1. The file share has to have one of the following permissions

    1. Everyone read
    2. The computer accounts or computer group read access to the DIA share

Option B)

2. Create a service account and set this account on the container service in windows NT service management in your base image.

    1. Then the file share only needs read access for the above service account.
    2. The above account will have to be an admin.

Note: When network outage occurs before applications are executed they will fail. This is because SMB Cache is only happening when the applications are executed and it is for the files which are in use. 

To optimize the SMB block cache follow these steps:

  1. After enabling SMB Cache and logging in to the desktop open all the applications
  2. Copy C:\DiskShadowData to a network share
  3. Open Gold image and copy "DiskShadowData" to C:\DiskShadowData
  4. Recompose new image with the new Gold image.

This will make sure that all Cache for the applications is there if so happens that the outage happens before they are opened by the user.

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