Configuring Collector Groups for Connector ID Keys Reporting from Multiple Sites

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: All

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Updated: Jan 3, 2018



A Stratusphere appliance has machines reporting to it with Connector ID agents installed in 2 physical locations.  Each machine should only report to the Collector(s) in the same location.

Possible resolution:

Collector Groups can be created so that machines in a certain Machine Group will only report to collectors in the respective Collector Group.



1. Go to Inventory > Machines and select Groups.


2. Click the New button.


3. Enter your new Machine Group name and description.  This will be the group that contains machines at Site A.  Hit Save Machine Group


4. As an optional step, expand the Smart Group Properties and choose the categories that apply to the new machine group. Stratusphere will populate groups for you based on the Smart Group properties chosen. For example, if the new machine group contains physical desktops running Windows, Stratusphere will automatically add that new machine group to a Physical Machines Smart Group, a Desktop Smart Group, and a Windows Smart Group when it is created. Please note that drop-down options for each Smart Group Property is populated based on what CID Keys report back from the environment to the Hub.  If the machines at Site A have a certain naming convention for the Machine Name, that may be a good choice for this use-case.

5. Click the Save Machine Group button to create the new machine group.


6. Machines can also be added manually.  In the Inventory > Machines, check the machines, click Add to Group, check the machine group, then click OK.


Instead of adding a new Machine or manually, groups can also be imported. To import groups:

1. Go to Inventory > Machines and select Groups.

2. Click on the Import Members button instead of the New button.

3. Click on Choose File to select the CSV file containing your machine or user groups.

4. Click on the Import button.



One or more Collectors can be placed into a Collector Group.  Machine Groups can be configured to report only to a certain Collector Group.  This is how we are separating where machines report.

To create collector groups:

1. Go to Collector Administration > Collectors and select Groups.


2. Click the New button.


3. Enter your new group Name and Description.

4. Click the Create Collector Group button to create the new collector group.


5. To add individual collectors to this new group, select individual collectors from the Collectors tab and click on the View Properties button.


6. Then click on the Edit Properties link at the top right. Select the Collector Group from the drop-down list.  Remember, the purpose of this is to add the Collector(s) from one specific region to the associated group.  This Collector Group will be used for machines at Site A.  After choosing the Collector Group, Save Collector Properties.



1. Go to Hub Administration > Connector ID Keys > Connector ID Key Properties

2. In the dropdown Configure Properties for:, choose the Machine group you've just created for Site A.  In the dropdown Callback Destination:, choose the Collector group you've just created for Site A.  This is what links the Machine Group to the Collector Group.  Hit Save at the bottom of the page.


Now the Machine group for Site A will only report to Collector Group for Site A.  Repeat the process for Site B, Site C, etc...

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