Creating Custom Dashboards in Stratusphere UX


Product: Stratusphere

Product Version: 6.1

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Updated: January 17, 2019



How to import and what are the prerequisites for using Liquidware Labs' Dashboards? 







This document describes how to create a dashboard for specific criteria by selecting a widget(s), identifying, copying and editing the datasource apistring for specific criteria to be applicable to selected widgets within that dashboard.

   ie: Create a dashboard with a Login Delay widget for Machine Names = mhlabvdi* and Machine Type = Virtual Desktops.


1. Create a new dashboard

2. Notate all the widgets from existing Dashboard to use

3. Identify the Widget and Datasource from the selected widgets.

    a. Widgets use a common datasource to pull their information, you can add/change inspectors, basis (columns) and search criteria in the apistring to achieve additional functionality.

    b. You can find specific inspectors, basis (columns) and formatting in the apibuilder accessible on your

HUB https://yourhub/apibuilder

c. You can also find these basis(columns) also in the Advanced Inspector by floating your mouse over the column header. Ex: Machine Group = node_group_name or User Group = user_group_name

4. Find and notate the Datasource from one of the dashboard widgets in the edit popup.

     a. Find the Datascource in the Datasource Search and open it.

     b. Copy the apistring and exit.

     c. Create a new Datasource and paste the apistring, add the necessary criteria there for your basis.

5. Create a new widget and assign the data source.

6. Create a new dashboard, and add new blank widget. Edit the widget and add the newly created widget.

Note:  The best way to create new widgets is to take an existing one, save it as its own new widget and modify it to the newly created datasource. 


Possible Resolution(s):


  1. Logon to Stratusphere UX and navigate to Advanced > Dashboards.
  2. Select Preferences and scroll down, then check "Enable Edit Mode (preview)". Close the window.
  3. Identify the dashboard you would like to replicate and notate the widgets you want to keep for the new dashboard.
    1. ie: Login Delay, User Count, App Load, etc.
  4. Click the information bubble "i" of the widget in questions and notate the widget and datasource.
    1. ie: Summary Trending
  5. Find the Datasource in the Datasource Search and open it. 
  6. Copy the the API string from within Edit Datasource and paste it to notepad for reference. 
    1. Dashboard_KB1.PNG
    2. Dashboard_KB2.PNG
    3. Dashboard_KB2.5.PNG
    4. Dashboard_KB10.PNG
  7. Select Datasources and create a new one.
  8. Paste the apistring into the new Datasource, modify the api string. In this example we are adding two items to search by:"node_name": "mhvdilab*", "node_group_name": "Virtual Desktops"
    1. Dashboard_KB5.PNG
  9. Navigate to Widgets and find one of the widgets you were planning on replicating.
  10. Select edit and Change the Title to reflect the specifics and Datasource to the newly created datasource. Then Save As  not to override existing Widgets.
    1. Dashboard_KB6.PNGDashboard_KB7.PNG
  11. Create a new dashboard by selecting the "+" icon on the far left of the dashboard screen or using the create button from with Dashboard browse option. Make sure to assign stratusphere admin or user groups for access to the dashboard.
  12. Add a new widget to the dashboard, then edit it to select the new widget to be used with the new datasource assigned to it.
    1. Dashboard_KB8.PNGDashboard_KB9.PNG




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